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A passionate international Pilates instructor,  Masami embodies a holistic approach to movement with an emphasis on cultivating a deep self awareness in the mind and body. She guides women overwhelmed by life to open a window where they can commune in their body through movement, allowing them to harness the energy of their emotions and nourish their confidence.


Born in Japan, raised around the globe (Greece, U.K., Malaysia and Singapore) and living in France since 2016. Her love for Pilates began 8 years ago discovering the art of aligning the mind and body. She loves sharing her passion for Pilates with people of all ages and helping them rediscover their consciousness and confidence in their bodies.

She works closely with expecting mums and their post birth recovery, offering antenatal, post-natal and mum & baby Pilates.





Online classes will be live-streamed from France via Zoom. You can choose between group or 1-to-1 classes depending on your needs. An online class allows you the ease of joining from the comfort of your home and you will also have access to replays for 4 days to continue your practice throughout the week.



1-to-1 or a small group class (maximum 4 people) at Masami's private studio in Saint Germain en Laye for a more personalised and intimate movement experience. The studio is well equipped with a Pilates reformer and a variety of small props used according to each bespoke class designed to restore your energy and nourish your confidence.



You can find me in other studios for my group classes as well as workshops and retreats in various  venues organised throughout the year. Outdoor group classes in the park takes place from spring until autumn which deepen the movement experience in a different way to an indoor space. For 1-to1 classes, they can also be arranged at your home or office upon request.


commune in your body through movement

hareness the energy of your emotions and nourish your confidence


Feel free to contact me to reserve a class or just for questions!

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"I have joined Masami’s class outside in the park and also virtually. What I like the most in her approach is that she senses the needs and boundaries of each individual and can adjust her class to meet each person’s needs-even in a group setting or virtually! She is emphatic and caring and the feeling after her class is empowering the acceptance that we are great just as we are."



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